Varzugan Thursday

So the Varzuga Week 2 party is entering the beginning of the end that is Thursday of the fishing week. And judging from the blog postings by Roxtons’ Charlie White they have been having a productive time of it. Special congratulations to Brian Fratel who landed a 19lb salmon from Middle Varzuga where he is hosting the group.

It was also pleasing to note success for the Posh Tosh by Lower Varzugan top-rod Phil W who had 17 on Tuesday, with ‘eight fish lost after being on for some time’ (sounds like the Varzuga we know and love..)

A week last Thursday I can tell exactly what I was doing by the dates on my photo-jpegs but I know I caught this solid bigger salmon and what is it about darker salmon? I don’t know if it’s the light but this fish is darker than any of the others I caught which were all bars of silver but so often a darker fish is a bigger fish and this is the case here.

Again it looks like one from the Bearlets. Or possibly Jannaways but I clearly felt it worth a pic altho a smile from the captor would have been nice! I like the foam – proper big river foam that.

Sergay and I must have shot back across to the right bank of the river for a coffee at the Bear Corner lunchspot and there was time to prop the timer on and take this shot of us. Sergay as I’ve said before was a real star and superb guide, especially as this was his first week of his first season! He had this brilliant shrugging look when a good fish was hooked with the mouth turned down which I mentally logged as the Robert De Niro look. And of course so good with that net – any cock ups were my fault but we had a pretty good record.

So here also are pics of him reviving a fish before release – looks like the job’s a good’un.

In the evening Alan tied a fly..

Which wasn’t very good!

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