Into The Wild III

It is nice to compare different wildernesses. Nice to see an image from one half of one hemisphere and compare it with another part of the globe. In this case the man in the canoe sets out on a perfect mirror of water in a wild upland lake. The other photo is a few years old and shows a familiar place and together these images show wild places are linked. Through time and with dynamic interaction. The wild world defining itself against the world of the human condition.

What does this mean? The wild element. It might link to a refusal to take on the yoke of convention, establishment, expected norms that might have governed things. To strike out in a wild way; an artistic and creative way that gives freedom to express. Freedom to create and empathise. To connect in a way that would have been denied – because remaining unknown or undiscovered – if those greater goods and gifts (which now seem manageably similar) had dominated a young life, and drawn it away from its true self.

By the way, look out for a new article coming out in Keith Elliott’s Classic Angler magazine shortly. I hope you can catch it: the article is about a great god of the fly fishing firmament and a new strand that could impact a long-held story in a way that is, I hope, positive for everyone and on that note I leave you for now. It is not written to hinder or harm – but to tell a story and offer insight into fish and fishing wild waters of the North East. Keep following the blog and see the broadening out of our world.

And in the middle of the words a dream can appear. The name of a man presented by cognitive circlings. A shadowy presence to the side, amid the windswept uplands. A named person, although the name fades with the easing winds.

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