I told you it was dry

Very sadly my fishing in the current week has fallen victim to global warming. Yes. That may be what it is and now SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) confirms it with their latest news item. Super hot weather interspersed with catastrophic deluges in all the wrong places (and I’m not being flippant about the terrible events and loss of life in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in recent days).

There’s one consolation. I am not alone but some doughty souls such as my pal Andrew N and his son James are up there to give it a go on the Tweed and I hope to post pictures of their success over the next couple of weeks. Andrew never knowingly uses anything other than Maxima 12lb string. In other words not this:

What they use in Norway! So about 30b breaking-strain.

Tight lines to Andrew, James and all those fishing this week. Perhaps you’d like to send me your stories and pics and I’ll post them here with some discreet commentary 😀

And finally: There is a slight sadness in my soul that I pulled out of talking at the Ragley Hall Game Fair on Sunday. The truth is I am hard at it writing my second book (same publisher as #How To Catch More Salmon – ie #WhiteOwlBooks) and with a vulnerable person facing job which I return to immediately after the show I could not risk this one but hope to be back in the future.

Just went out the back door in Cambridgeshire into a deluge of rain that lasted five minutes. You can see it on the MetOffice radar above actually – a tiny intense splurge of colour half way between the second ‘n’ of London and the north Norfolk coast. One of those weird little pockets of serendipity that make life even more interesting!

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