Many happy returns what one wishes for. It really was great to return to the Gaula this year. This shot (by Charles Cooke) was returning my 2009 fish, in Renna pool. I could manage only long-range catch and release in this particular pool this year (with a good fish on for a couple of minutes before the hook pulled out, fun tho’). Sadly the floods had done their worst on Renna with 6 fish this year compared with 60 in 2009. One can only hope the situation will be reversed on this lovely pool.

While we’re (I am) in the mood for returning salmon shots, here’s one that went back in Russia – a lovely little typical Varzuga springer, one of the smallest I caught out there…

Nice little fish

Say Cheese..

Back you go!

Hmm, would be nice to fish the Varzuga again too…


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